Adult podology to resolve and relieve balance and posture disorders

Before creating insoles, the podology exam follows a very precise protocol. Thus, the podologist first reviews the reasons for your office visit and then examines your feet while you are lying down to determine all the painful areas. The examination continues in a standing position so that she can observe your contact points and posture. Next, she will use a treadmill and a baropodometric platform to observe you walking (or even running, for athletes) and finally, your shoes are examined for deformations and wear.

This systematic protocol makes it possible to carry out an in-depth clinical posture analysis and reveal the way you move in order to then offer you adapted insoles.

Podology for active adults – Active seniors – Seniors with reduced mobility

In adults, podology treatment in must take shoes into account. Insoles must be adapted to the fit and type footwear. So for active adults, if work shoes are different from those worn away from the job, it will be ideal to customize for various situations.

Ms. Filliol’s skills enable her to offer solutions adapted to any adult, no matter what their needs might be. She can provide assistance to athletes whose joints, muscles and tendons are subjected to intensive stress.

Finally, the podologist also offers care for seniors, both those who need adapted insoles in order to be able to continue participating in sports and those with reduced mobility.

People with diabetes require special monitoring, which another service we offer: podology for people with diabetes.