Pediatric podology

your child is having trouble walking, you should see a podologist to set up an appropriate treatment. You should also make an appointment for your child to see a podologist if:

• The child is in pain: Whether the pain is due to growth or not, orthopedic insoles can relieve it. If the child falls frequently, insoles will open the angle of the foot for a correct walk without falling.

• The child has a growth pathology such as osteochondritis that can affect the knee or foot.

During growth, the child may develop malformations or misalignments: They cause poor support and an unnatural walk that can trigger other pathologies, so appropriate treatment must be implemented.

The podologist will start by performing a detailed clinical examination of your child to observe their structural problems, find out what causes their pain, and examine their footwear.

This information allows her to determine the right fitting plan with appropriate soles.