Laser Therapy in Le Cannet (06)

The K-Laser was approved by the FDA in 2002 and has since then improved it’s technology in order to be the most complete bio-stimulation laser.  It’s the most advanced and efficient laser technology available commercially.

High-powered in CW and ISP modalities, K-Laser Cube includes an innovative, multi-phase, and multi-effect dynamic therapy. It is the ideal tool for treatments against sharp and chronic pain, inflammation, and many other wounds through the increase of vascular and metabolic activity. K-Laser Cube is efficient for sportive rehabilitation, treatment of fractures, tissue trauma, as well as for ligaments and tendons in the post-operative period.
Moreover, K-Laser Cube makes it possible to perform special and dedicated treatments in the management of diabetic foot. The wide range of accessories makes it versatile for every field of application. K-Laser Cube technology is also updated thanks to its Wi-Fi connectivity.

In podology, the K Laser helps with the treatment of :

  • Varts
  • Diabetic sores
  • Fungus infections

ANGIOGENESIS AND NEOVASCULARIZATION : The laser increases the oxygenation of damaged tissues, accelerating healing.


PRODUCTION OF CARTILAGE : The laser increases the production of chondrocytes and collagen, fostering a more efficient formation of cartilage and improving the articular functionality.


OEDEMA AND INFLAMMATION  : The laser calls upon the mediators of inflammation, e.g. macrophages, neutrophils and lymphocytes, accelerating the resolution of inflammatory processes.


NERVE REGENERATION  : The proliferation of growth factors mediated by laser therapy fosters the neuronal regeneration and the development of myelin, which are essential processes for nerve-healing.


PRODUCTION OF COLLAGEN : The optimal alignment and remodelling of collagen fibres reduces the creation of keloids and increases the elasticity of tissues.


MUSCULAR REGENERATION  : The laser repairs the damaged muscular fibres and activates the satellite and myogenic cells, fostering the regeneration of the muscular tissue.


BONE NEO-APPOSITION  : The laser fosters the proliferation of osteocytes and the remodelling of extracellular bone matrix , accelerating the healing of the bone tissue.