Podology makes it possible to stabilize, limit, and eventually eliminate the pain associated with a dysfunction of the musculotendinous and articular system.
The examination is based on age, activity, and environment.  Every treatment is personalized.


What happens during a podologist appointment?

Clinical examination

This step requires a detailed questionnaire of your background, an analysis of your body structure (static and dynamic) and an evaluation of your footwear.

Baropodometric examination

This test is performed on a platform connected to a computer. It helps us understand the mechanisms that explain your foot problems.

Video examination

The video examination is performed using the Dartfish system.

The podologist makes custom-made insoles by taking imprints of your feet.
To design your insoles, two techniques are used: thermoforming and heat sealing.

Since 2018, the podiatrist has also been making insoles using 3D techniques.

You can leave with your insoles the same day.


The previous steps determine a technique, a type of insole, and the materials to be used depending on the needs for your activity level (rather sedentary, active, or athletic) and your footwear.